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Property Development
Whether a single family home, a condominium conversion or a larger commercial development, the successful completion of a real estate project requires the carefully orchestrated work of many disparate parties. Competent legal counsel should be capable of not only providing basic acquisition services, but also assisting in financing, zoning and variances, contract negotiation, lien clearance, leasing and third-party sales. With years of experience representing homeowners and commercial developers, the staff of Larson & Associates, P.C. can assist clients in avoiding the myriad of pitfalls that threaten development projects.

Sales and Acquisitions
The legal issues presented by a real transaction are sometimes not as complex as the emotional ones. Understanding and appropriately responding to such needs can make the difference between a well negotiated transaction that actually closes and one that falters and ultimately fails. Whether representing a corporate client in the transfer of a commercial property or surviving children in the sale of a family home or farm, the attorneys and staff of Larson & Associates, P.C. continually assess the non-tangible components of an engagement while simultaneously addressing the legal issues necessary to insure a flawless transaction.

The negotiation of a favorable rental agreement has long-term implications for both landlord and tenant. In addition to fundamental lease provisions, adept counsel should anticipate and address the unforeseen – and unfathomable – in order to protect client interests. Absent such attention, routine disputes can escalate, profits can dissipate and litigation can result. Having represented commercial property managers as well as corporate landlords and tenants in a variety of engagements, counsel at Larson & Associates, P.C. can assist clients in avoiding disputes and promptly resolving them should litigation ensue.

Real Estate Litigation
Actions involving real property are not for the uninitiated. In addition to familiarity with often arcane theories and rules of law, conversance with principles of finance, accounting and title clearance are often necessary in order to provide competent legal representation. Equally important is the role of practical experience in both identifying and implementing litigation strategies as well as in negotiating workouts and other non-judicial resolutions. With a practice centered, in many respects, upon real estate, the attorneys of Larson & Associates, P.C. possess both the knowledge and aptitude to provide competent representation in real property disputes.

Title Insurance Defense
For years, national title insurance companies have turned to Larson & Associates, P.C. for both first-party and title defense representation. As with other areas of law, title cases are replete with legal nuance. Passing familiarity or disregard of a subtle distinction can lead to disastrous results. For this reason, title carriers turn to Larson & Associates, P.C. for assistance not only in traditional reformation, quiet title and related claims, but also in matters that arise in the context of the firm’s other core practice areas including foreclosure and property development. Accordingly, insured owners and lenders frequently experience a more prompt resolution of their claims while their carriers enjoy a more economic disposition.


Just as no two properties are exactly alike, every loan account is unique.  Understanding and responding to these differences helps insure prompt and uneventful foreclosures, REO closings and evictions.

Unlike many firms which rely upon an assembly line approach, Larson & Associates, P.C. is comprised of client-specific teams of dedicated attorneys and paralegals.  With start-to-finish responsibility for individual files, team members are better suited to identify and avert issues.  At the same time, our clients enjoy the ability to quickly reach staff professionals who are intimately familiar with the facts of each engagement.

With default out-sourcing and increasing foreclosure volumes, client loss mitigation opportunities are few and far between.  Recognizing this fact, our attorneys and staff take full advantage of their frequent interactions with borrowers to pursue mutually beneficial workouts, deeds-in-lieu, consent decrees and other non-foreclosure remedies.

Prompt recovery of foreclosed property helps to preserve asset values, avert building court actions and maintain good lender relationships with local municipalities.   Through intimate familiarity with county-specific procedures, our staff efficiently assists clients in securing possession and, where appropriate, negotiating rental agreements with third-party occupants.

REO Closings
The sale of lender-owned properties frequently presents unique title and condition-related challenges.  Anticipating and resolving these issues prior to marketing insures prompt and uneventful closings.  With years of experience representing lenders, developers and national title insurance companies, our staff is uniquely qualified to facilitate the sale of virtually any type of foreclosed property.

Recent code amendments present new challenges for both debtors and creditors.  Asserting and defending claims, obtaining stay relief and assuring the existence of adequate protection all require familiarity with evolving practices and interpretations.  As with many areas of law, the theoretical may not be as important as the understanding derived from day-to-day courthouse work handled by our attorneys.

Lender Liability
With increasing frequency, borrowers are turning to non-traditional defenses in order to delay the foreclosure process.  Firms unfamiliar with the claims or unwilling to undertake defense representation place their clients at both an economic and tactical disadvantage.  We believe our clients should expect the expertise required to handle the non-routine even in the most usual of engagements.

Municipal Litigation
Many municipalities are now using housing court actions as an urban renewal tool.  The proceedings frequently threaten mortgage interests or result in the imposition of liens and fines that effectively diminish the value of lender collateral.   With years of experience, our staff can limit or completely avoid this type of impairment.